Saturday, February 24, 2018

Exciting News from Team JLOH!

Julia’s Legacy of Hope has some very exciting news to share with everyone, we are now a part of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation!

We have amicably split with the Cure It Foundation, and are very thankful for our association with them over the years. Dr. Jason Canner, one of Julia’s first oncologists and founder of Cure It wrote to us, “I believe that you have found the exact thing you are looking for with St. Baldrick’s and I wish you all the best and much more…I can guarantee you that we [Cure It] will continue to support Julia’s Legacy of Hope and refer any donations looking to fund AYA research to your Julia’s Legacy of Hope Hero’s page.”

The benefits of Julia’s Legacy moving to St. Baldrick’s include:
• We are following Julia’s wish to help find cures for kids’ cancer.
• We are a part of a well-known national organization.
• Every grant goes through a rigorous scientific review process, ensuring
every dollar has the greatest possible impact for children with cancer.
*Each year doctors and researchers request research grants from St.
* St. Baldrick’s has advisory committees composed of best experts in the
childhood cancer community, the hero funds get first crack at funding the
research grant requests.
* Each research grant is for $100,000.
* Updated on research results.
* Donors updated, too.

We are staring our Hero Fund with $10,000, money earned thus far in 2018. We will choose to fund pediatric cancer trials focusing on sarcomas, secondary cancers, blood cancers, and immunotherapy, with a priority on the Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) population, a group that is often underfunded.

Please consider joining our new initiative. Host a shaving or non-shaving event. Are you part of a youth sports organization, say soccer, football, baseball or the like? Have your team host an event and designate Julia’s Legacy of Hope Hero page as the beneficiary. Are you part of a bowling league, sand volleyball team or softball team? Please consider hosting an event. Does your school or your child’s school host a St. Baldrick’s event? Make Julia’s Legacy of Hope’s Hero page the recipient of those dollars. Your school will still be recognized, as well as the child you choose to honor, but all the dollars raised will help Julia’s Legacy fund specific research trials. 100% of all your donations will go directly to Julia’s Legacy of Hope Hero page. When it is up and running you can check our St. Baldrick’s web page to see our updates. Of course, you can always check this FB page, too!
As stated at, “If we are going to find cures for children with cancer, we have to think big, work smart, and fund research that helps them survive and thrive.”

We are so excited that St. Baldrick’s is helping Julia’s Legacy of Hope Shine a Bright Light on Childhood Cancer!